US Soccer Unveils New Away Kit


CHICAGO (April 1, 2014) – U.S. Soccer and Nike unveiled the new Men’s and Women’s National Team away kit, a striking red, white and blue design that will first be worn by the MNT against Mexico on April 2 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.

Fans can purchase the bold red, white and blue jersey now on ussoccerstore.com. Additionally, fans who are in the area for Wednesday’s game can purchase the away jersey and other U.S. Soccer products from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT on Tuesday in front of Gate 2 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The jersey has a modern crew-neck collar and consists of three bands representing the colors of the American flag. The base color of the jersey and the cuff of the sleeves feature a prominent red. The upper torso and top sleeves include a bold blue tone, and a white chest band extends over the middle of both sleeves.

The back of the jersey features a unique and specially designed font for the names and numbers, which is modern and angular. Each number on the back of the jersey also houses a small U.S. Soccer crest at the bottom. Additionally, there is a pennant tab inside the back of the neck featuring 13 red and white stripes to represent the original 13 colonies.


Well there it is folks. Your 2014 Russian National Team kit…oh wait.


I have to say I am not thrilled with Nike’s design on the new 2014 World Cup away kit. In my opinion the kit lacks any real American symbolism. The blue is too bright, and the red overpowers the entire thing. People have been saying it looks like something Russia or France should be wearing. A few minor tweaks could have really made this a nice jersey. There were fake leak photos online of the kit having an extra white stripe, and a darker shade of blue at the top, instead we have this:



I have to admit it didn’t look bad versus Mexico.


My rating:


Lot of potential to create something special, instead Nike over-thought this and screwed up the color scheme. Oh well I guess.






NYCFC Unveils New Crest

nyfc crest


New York City Football Club, Major League Soccer’s 20th team unveiled their new team crest last night. NYCFC crowdsourced their new crest through a contest in which graphic designers could submit their sample ideas. Supporters could then vote on which crest they felt would be the one that best represented the franchise. The contest ultimately came down to two different crests but it was the circular one that prevailed. The colors in the crest take homage to NYCFC’s owners who also own MLB’s  New York Yankees and English Premier League’s Manchester City.

NYCFC will play their debut MLS season in 2015.

Bayern Munich Prospect Julien Green to Announce Commitment to United States Soccer

Bayern Munich prospect and German-American Julien Green has reportedly made a decision to represent United States Soccer on the international level. The  eighteen year old, Florida-born Green, who had made two senior team appearances for UEFA Champions League holders Bayern Munich this season, submitted paperwork to FIFA, sources have said.

U.S. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann just tweeted out to confirm the news:

The official U.S. Soccer announcement is expected within the next 24-48 hours. Green is also scheduled to train with the U.S. ahead of next month’s friendly in Phoenix against Mexico, as he had before the Americans’ March 5 loss to Ukraine in Cyprus.

Klinsmann also noted that he would be given a fair chance to make the 23-man World Cup squad as well. Green has scored 15 goals in 19 appearances for Bayern Munich II which is the Bayern Munich development team that currently plays in the German fourth division.

Green was born in Tampa, Florida to an American father and German mother. He holds a dual citizenship in both countries.

Green’s commitment would be a huge addition for U.S. Soccer, maybe not for this World Cup but for the future. People comment on how the US lacks offensive firepower, and that talent being produced in States is not up to par. Well Green is that answer. He is a promising winger playing for the reserve team of perhaps the best club in the world right now. He has also already made his senior debut for Munich at eighteen years old. That’s impressive, and if he can stay on track he will become one the United States’ best players to date.

Check Out This Team From Italy Show The Ultimate Form Of Sportsmanship

An Italian Serie D match between Fersina Perginese and Dro Calcio featured a strange series of events. A fair play backwards pass from a prior injury stoppage turned into an unfortunate goal as the white team’s keeper made a serious blunder. In an effort to keep the game fair, the yellow team let the white score a free goal immediately after. Now that’s sportsmanship!

The match ended in a 3-3 tie.

Liverpool Bleed’s Red – Liverpool 3 Manchester United 0

moyes a football genius

Well well well… Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that this this fixture would have ended up like this. Manchester United’s seasons lay in ruins while Liverpool fights for the top spot and a chance to win the Premier League title, a feat they haven’t seen since the 1989-1990 season.

Liverpool continued their strong form even after taking a 15 day long break in between league games. Manchester United had their chances – one including a Rooney strike then volley, but inarguably it was Liverpool that dominated play. Their first penalty was a result of a little luck and a poor handball by Rafael.

1-0 Liverpool

I felt the second penalty call was pretty clear, as Phil Jones pushed Joe Allen from behind. Gerrard converted, and gave Liverpool a 2-0 lead.

2-0 Liverpool

The third penalty call featured a little more controversy. Nemanja Vidić was sent off for committing a foul on Sturridge, which replays showed was actually a dive. I don’t condone diving since it ruins the game but regardless it is something that referees still have to deal with. Some feel that despite Sturridge’s dive, it was still a foul:

Clattenburg was wrong for sending Vidić off and he knew it too. There were multiple pleas for Liverpool penalties that came in the last ten minutes of the game, but none were going to come after his big mistake.

3-0 Liverpool

The soccer gods may have sent some justice Manchester United’s way, after Gerrard missed his third attempt by hitting the post. Regardless a few minutes later, it was none other that Suarez that put in his 25th league goal of the season.

What does this win mean for Liverpool? Everything. This Liverpool win was crucial for the race to the title. Liverpool still have some mega matches coming their way before the end of the season, with both Chelsea and Manchester City coming to Anfield. This win shows that Liverpool can realistically win the title. It won’t be easy but this team is fully capable of doing it. As for Manchester United, their season has been in shambles. They looked to be a team of individuals today. Moyes has been the blame for all of this abuse but having watched the game it’s almost as if the players don’t care. I’ll give credit to Wayne Rooney though, he played hard and fought for chances but was rather unlucky for most. Besides him there are only a couple of players who showed any true grit – Mata being one in my eyes. Time to clean house next season!

Final Score: 3-0 Liverpool

Man of the match: Steven Gerrard. The captain shined once again, this time scoring two crucial penalty kicks while providing key defensive support from his holding midfield position. Gerrard truly embodies what it means to be a leader on the field, and today he led his team into Old Trafford and came out with glory.

gerrard 3-16-14 manu

Honorable Mention: Jon Flanagan. I felt that Flanagan played a brilliant game. The youngster has been played in a pressure role for a good part of the season and today he did everything right. He was physical, confident, and wasn’t afraid to make the risky tackles needed to shut down the likes of Van Persie and Rafael. Even with the yellow he received in the first half, Flanagan still had the confidence to keep his left side on lock down, as well as have the ability to take his space with the ball.